Our Team

Ava Johnson is a revered figure in the world of swimming, known for her deep understanding of the water and her ability to impart that knowledge to swimmers of all levels. Ava’s journey into the aquatic realm began in childhood, sparked by an innate fascination with water and its inhabitants. This early passion evolved into a lifelong pursuit as she explored various disciplines within swimming, from competitive racing to open water adventures.

Not content with just mastering the technical aspects of swimming, Ava delved into the study of aquatic environments and the behavior of their wildlife, enhancing her open water swimming experience. She became adept at navigating the challenges posed by different water bodies, always prioritizing safety and respect for marine life. Her approach to swimming is holistic, emphasizing not only physical techniques but also an understanding of the aquatic ecosystem.

Ava’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of swimming-related topics. She is particularly recognized for her ability to break down efficient stroke techniques into easy-to-understand concepts. Her guidance helps swimmers optimize their movements in the water, reducing effort while increasing speed and endurance. Ava believes that efficiency in the water is not just about physical strength but also about understanding water dynamics and using them to one’s advantage.

In the realm of open water safety, Ava is a trusted voice. She educates swimmers on the importance of being prepared for the unpredictability of natural water bodies. Through her insights, many have learned how to read currents, understand weather patterns, and make informed decisions about when and where to swim. Her advice on dealing with aquatic wildlife is sought after, not only for the safety tips but also for fostering a respectful coexistence with marine life.

Recognizing the significant role of gear in a swimmer’s life, Ava provides comprehensive reviews and advice on selecting the right swim gear. From the latest innovations in swimwear to essential gadgets for enhancing training, she helps swimmers navigate the vast market of swim products to find what truly benefits their practice.

Beyond the physical aspects of swimming, Ava is passionate about the mental and emotional benefits of the sport. She advocates for swimming as a form of meditation and a way to connect with nature. Her endurance training plans are not just about building physical stamina; they also focus on developing mental resilience and a deeper connection with the water.

Ava Johnson’s mission is to share her love and knowledge of swimming with a broader audience. She believes that with the right guidance and understanding, anyone can transform their swimming experience from mere exercise to a fulfilling interaction with the natural world. Through her comprehensive approach to swimming education, Ava continues to inspire and empower individuals to dive deeper into the world of swimming, safely and joyfully exploring the wonders it has to offer.

Email: ava@upstreamswimming.com